The Leather Conservation Centre

The Leather Conservation Centre was founded in 1978 to conserve historic leathers and is based in Northampton. It is a major international centre for leather conservation, education and research.

The Centre offers a comprehensive service in the conservation of leather objects of historic, cultural and artistic importance for national and local museums, historic houses and private clients. The Leather Conservation Centre aims to conserve, care and provide practical advice for a wide variety of historic and invaluable objects.

The Centre has a team of professionally trained and experienced conservators.

The Leather Conservation Centre moved to its specially designed building on the Northampton University Campus in 1997. This has a large modular working space which is more than capable of handling the largest of movable objects (eg carriages, cars, screens, panels of gilt leather). If the object cannot be moved, whether for reasons of fragility, insurance or transportation costs, or because the leather is part of the fabric of the building, the Leather Conservation Centre carries out conservation in situ.

The Leather Conservation Centre also supplies a small range of materials for leather conservation and leather conservation publications.

The Centre is included on the Conservation Register maintained by ICON.

The Worshipful Company of Leathersellers is a very generous supporter of the Centre. As well as a direct grant the Leathersellers make grants to organisations so that their leather artefacts can be conserved at the Centre; this is a great way of helping both the Centre and those organisations and ensures conservation of historic leather items. What cannot be measured is the moral support given to the staff at the Centre by being part of the Leathersellers’ “Family” and everyone is proud to be associated with Leathersellers and other livery companies.

We are also supported by other livery companies including The Worshipful Companies of Saddlers, Glovers, Cordwainers and Curriers.

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