Before-Conservation-002-CroppedConservation aims to slow the processes of deterioration so that objects can be enjoyed long into the future.

Conservation treatments can range from preservation to restoration and could include
• Providing advice on storage and display
• Cleaning the leather and other materials
• Consolidation
• Repairs to splits and holes in the leather
• Lining to support weakened areas
• Surface finishing
• Replacement of missing areas
• Detection and treatment of acid deterioration (commonly known as red rot).

The Leather Conservation Centre receives a wide variety of objects to be assessed and treated, ranging from objects as small as a cigar case to a whole room in an historic house lined with leather. In addition, objects which the Centre is asked to conserve can include materials other than leather, so their treatment often involves liaison with other conservation disciplines.

Jaynes-3-photos-2011-2All projects are given the same consideration in regards to professional conservation ethics and the consequences of any treatment. All objects are conserved to a high standard using
conservation grade materials.  The Centre is run by an accredited leather conservator who oversees all work undertaken to ensure high standards are maintained.

Before-Conservation-009Objects brought to the Centre can be assessed for treatment and an estimate provided of the cost of conservation, free of charge. Visits to assess objects in situ can be made both within the UK and overseas for a fee.

To ensure relevant staff are present, please telephone or email to make an appointment in advance of your visit.

Telephone 01604 719766