Our annual Conservation of Leather Course will be held at West Dean from 11-14 December 2017. More information is available at the West Dean website: www.westdean.org.uk Or contact Liz Campbell at: liz.campbell@westdean.org.uk Telephone: +44(0) 1234 818219

A short video detailing the conservation of the Vinegar Bible which will be on display in the crypt at Rochester Cathedral.

Another successful Conservation of Leather course was held at West Dean in May. This course, part of West Dean’s Professional Conservators in Practice CPD programme, is run annually. The course covers historic technology, chemistry and use of leather and current practices in its conservation. The format of the course includes lectures, demonstrations and practical sessions. Next year’s course will be held 17-20 March 2014. Further details can be obtained from West Dean – or The Leather Conservation Centre.

Bantry House, Co Cork Head of Conservation, Yvette Fletcher, was invited to Bantry House in Co Cork, SW Ireland by Betty TV to take part in filming for a new series of Country House Rescue. The family, who own the house, showed Yvette all the gilt leather in the house which she examined in order to prepare a conservation treatment proposal. Then Yvette and the family took part in filming the episode, with Yvette talking to the daughter, Sophie, about the origins of the leather and possible conservation treatments. The

Historic First World War Football Conserved An historic football from the first World War has just been conserved at the Centre. The football belongs to the London Irish Rifles and will now be displayed at the Regimental Museum in Cam berwell, London. The football was used at the start of the Battle of Loos, 1915 with the soldiers kicking the ball across No-Man’s Land as they advanced on the Germans, under heavy machine gun fire. The leather was in very poor condition, with several splits and tears, and had acid

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