Our Consultancy and Condition Survey Service

The Leather Conservation Centre does not only conserve leather objects but also offers bespoke national and international consultancy and condition survey services for those wishing to implement “best practice” in this specialist area.

To minimise deterioration of historic, and often valuable, objects this service provides clients with “best practice preservation” advice regarding

• methods of storage and display
• control of temperature and humidity
• appropriate light levels
• control of pests

We are also able to offer advice on acid deterioration in leather – more commonly known as red rot.

Condition surveys are carried out to determine a conservation priority list on all or part of a collection and this can be linked to any existing data regarding significance and/or usage of the collection. A priority list may include options for general refurbishment of library and archival materials, boxing and packaging, minimal conservation treatments through to full conservation treatments; all of which can be carried out by the Centre’s conservation team.

Our conservators also train employees and volunteers in general handling and care of leather objects, books and other library materials. Where collections have public access, training can help volunteers to understand and counter any detrimental effects this may present.

Although most of our specialised conservation work takes place in Northampton, our conservation consultants can travel to inspect, quote and if agreed, carry out work and training on-site.

We are happy to discuss projects over the telephone and give some indication of the costs involved. However, external visits, including visits to prepare quotations are charged for on either an hourly or daily rate.

For further information or to arrange an appointment, please contact –

The Leather Conservation Centre
Telephone – (+44) (0)1604 719766
Email – lcc@northampton.ac.uk