Screen-Shot-2013-02-12-at-19.08.12The Leather Conservation Centre uses a wide range of materials when treating leathers. The majority of these are obtained from specialist conservation suppliers.
However a small range of products are available through the Centre for use by professional conservators.

The Centre can supply SC6000 acrylic wax, used as a surface finish, and a range of Selladerm dyes, employed to give a relatively light-fast range of colours.

Information and advice offered by the Leather Conservation Centre is furnished in the belief that it is correct in all respects, but on the understanding that neither the Centre nor any officer of the Centre has any legal responsibility for this.

Chemicals are supplied on the condition that the customer alone accepts responsibility for any accident or mishap, either to the person or to the material being treated, arising from their use or handling, even if used in accordance with advice from the Centre.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Email

To find out more about SC6000 or Selladerm Dyes simply click on the links.

Due to changes in regulations regarding sending goods overseas we are no longer able to send goods overseas. Goods sent within UK must now be sent by courier and there is a flat rate charge of £14.95 (up to 30kgs).

Until further notice, collection must be organised for materials as they can no longer be delivered by the centre due to transportation regulations.