SC6000 is a blend of waxes and an acrylic resin emulsified in aqueous isopropyl alcohol. It was originally developed as a surface coating for commercial shoe leathers. Its use as part of a system for treating bookbinding leathers was first proposed in the early 1980s. Since then it has been used widely by leather and book conservators and bookdbinders. Further work was carried out in 2001 comparing this product with other materials used as surface coating in the leather manufacturing industry.

This work showed that “acrylic wax surface coatings such as SC6000 can serve as effective coating for new or undamaged leathers. Of all the materials tested none showed any particular advantage over SC6000 which is widely used, particularly in the United States”. (B.M. Haines, Surface Coatings for Binding Leathers, 2001).



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